So hey, America, there’s, like, this election thing tomorrow.  You should go vote in it, if you haven’t already.

And also come tomorrow, I can stop talking about religion and the election. But until then…

Paul Ryan told a group of evangelical Christians that President Obama threatens “Judeo-Christian values,” so this seems like as good as time as ever to talk about the concept of Judeo-Christian values.  Short version – they don’t exist.

This is not to say that there aren’t similarities between Christianity and Judaism.  That’s certainly true.  But when it comes down to trying to demarcate a specific list of principals or theological concepts that apply to all branches of Christianity and Judaism, but that don’t also apply to Islam or the wider range of Abrahamic religions, there isn’t a whole lot that falls into that category.

As the Wikipedia article on the subject helpfully demonstrates (and if…

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